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Unlock the keys to social media success through our tailored coaching sessions! Our seasoned team will craft strategies aligned with your brand, empowering you to fortify your online presence, captivate your audience, and reach your business milestones. Elevate your social media prowess today!

If you're adept at crafting content across various marketing channels but are struggling to see results, our program is the perfect solution. We'll help you consolidate your skills into a concrete marketing plan that you can seamlessly execute.

Embark on a streamlined journey with our integrated content strategy, culminating in a comprehensive 3-month plan. This intensive coaching program is designed to kickstart your strategy and deliver tangible outcomes.

Program Highlights:

  • (2) 1-hour personalized coaching and training sessions with recordings
  • (1) 45-minute follow-up session
  • A 3-month marketing strategy and plan, featuring:
    • Monthly thematic focus
    • Content blueprint for each active platform
    • Workflow and tools for content creation, analysis, and distribution
  • Monday-Friday email support throughout the program duration.

Let's propel your social media efforts to new heights together!

Social Media Coaching (Mini)

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