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Whether you're feeling stuck, seeking accountability to take action, or simply desire a dedicated marketing partner, this program is tailored for you. We'll collaborate to develop or refine your branding, craft a customized marketing strategy aligned with your strengths and brand identity, and introduce you to our results-oriented sales process. Whatever specific marketing challenges you face, we've got you covered, guiding you forward with clarity and purpose.


Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy development
  • (6) 1-hour personalized coaching and training sessions with recordings
  • A 6-month marketing strategy and plan, including:
    • Monthly thematic focus
    • Content roadmap for each active platform
    • Streamlined workflow and tools for content creation, analysis, and distribution
  • Monday-Friday email support throughout the program duration.

Let's ignite your social media journey together and propel your efforts to unprecedented heights!

Social Media Coaching (Comprehensive)

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